North Carolina’s He Is Legend is the latest addition to the Spinefarm records label’s global roster. The band will release its new album few on April 28.

“We’re very excited to start a new relationship with people who truly understand this band as a whole,” said frontman Schuylar Croom. “It was really important for us to find the proper home for this record after seeing the tremendous response from our fans during the crowdfunding campaign. We truly believe Spinefarm Records is the best possible partner to help us keep that momentum trending in the right direction.

“In our eyes, this is the most important He Is Legend record to date and we’re happy that our friends at Spinefarm are going to help us get this album out to the masses.”

He Is Legend have also premiered the new song “Sand’’ you can check it out:



This is a track that gets pretty personal for me lyrically, but all in all It’s a banger that gets in and gets out. I think it has a little taste of everything that Legend does best.” says HiL vocalist Schuylar.

few is the band’s label debut and takes its title from Madame Helena Blavatsky’s occult treasure The Voice of the Silence.


The North Carolina band has also shared the track listing and album cover for few.


few is available for pre-order here

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