A new single from Southern California punk rock heroes GUTTERMOUTH has just been released. “A Punk Rock Tale Of Woe” appears on the band’s upcoming EP ‘Got It Made’ will be co-released worldwide via Rude Records and Bird Attack Records on July 15.

Regarding the new song, vocalist Mark Adkins says, “Uniforms don’t describe most folks’ reality. There’s a skeleton in everyone’s punk side of the closet”

With their first new material in ten years, Guttermouth is poised to add a new chapter to their legacy as one of punk rock’s seminal acts. Known for their short, fast and loud songs, outrageous antics and offensive lyrics, Guttermouth has attracted plenty controversy over the years. In other words – They are punk rock as it’s meant to be.

‘Got It Made’ Preorders are available at the below links:

Physical: http://smarturl.it/GotItMadePhysical

Digital: http://smarturl.it/GotItMadeDigital

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