“Mail Order Bride,” the new single from Southern California punk rock heroes GUTTERMOUTH, off their upcoming EP “New Car Smell,” is due out on November 25th via Rude Records.

Singer Mark Adkins says, “This hymn of soon to be biblical proportion is not just some fabrication stemming from my frontal lobe. Life lessons and especially lessons of love- good or bad- come in many forms. For me the only constant is failure. Too many heartaches to count, thus pushing me to try a dating system and it’s as easy as the click of a mouse, swipe of the card and poof!!! The girl or man of your dreams arrives at your home or place of business via UPS (Customs permitting.) Mail Order Bride is not a gender-biased song. Just change the lyrics from girl to boy and you too can have and hold your very own spouse by mail. Ladies and gentlemen give this song a listen and your lonely self a chance. Good luck!

“New Car Smell” will be released worldwide in collaboration with Bird Attack Records. The EP is the follow-up to “Got It Made”, their first EP of new music in 10 years, which was released in early July. Pre-orders are available here!

“New Car Smell” is due out on NOV 25th on Rude Records.
Pre-orders are available at the below links:
Physical: http://smarturl.it/NewCarSmellPhysical
Digital: http://smarturl.it/NewCarSmellDigital

Upcoming Shows:

Nov 10 Sweet Springs Saloon Los Osos, CA

Nov 11 Jerry’s Pizza Bakersfield, CA

Nov 12 Powerhouse Pub Auburn, CA (with:Get Dead,the Cryptics)

Nov 13 Whiskey Dick’s South Lake Tahoe, CA

Nov 14 The Dip Redding, CA

Nov 16 Highline Seattle, WA (with:Get Dead,the Cryptics)

Nov 17 The Big Dipper Spokane, WA

Nov 18 Tony V’s Garage Everett, WA (with:Get Dead,the Cryptics)

Nov 19 JAZZBONES Tacoma, WA

Nov 20 The Boreal Eugene, OR (with:Get Dead,the Cryptics)

Nov 22 The Ritz San Jose, CA

Nov 23 Character’s Pomona, CA (with:Get Dead,the Cryptics)

Nov 26 Yucca Tap Room Tempe, AZ (with:Get Dead,the Cryptics)

Nov 27 The Rock Tucson, AZ (with:Get Dead,the Cryptics)

Nov 29 Lyzzards Lounge Prescott, AZ

Nov 30 The Alement Yuma, AZ (with:Get Dead,the Cryptics)

Dec 01 The Garage Ventura, CA (with:Get Dead,the Cryptics)

Dec 02 Soda Bar San Diego, CA

Feb 12 The Korova San Antonio, TX

Feb 15 Tree’s Dallas, TX (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

Feb 16 Grizzly Hall Austin, TX (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

Feb 17 Korova San Antonio, TX (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

Feb 18 The Secret Group Houston, TX (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

Feb 19 Siberia Bar New Orleans, LA (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

Feb 21 Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola, FL (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

Feb 22 SPORTS PAGE Satellite Beach, FL (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

Feb 23 Will’s Pub Orlando, FL (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

Feb 24 Propaganda Lake Worth, FL (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

Feb 25 O’Mally’s Pompano Beach, FL (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

Feb 26 St Augustine Amphitheatre Backyard Stage St Augustine, FL

Feb 27 The Jinx Savannah, GA (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

Feb 28 The Earl Atlanta, GA (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

Mar 02 Exit In Nashville, TN (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

Mar 03 Cosmic Charlie’s Lexington, KY (with:Agent Orange,The Queers,Atom Age)

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