Philadelphia quintet GRAYSCALE have shared the video for new song “Diamond.” Watch and listen here. The new single is out now on all digital stores and streaming platforms, with all options at:

A loose and light-hearted, retro melody is threaded throughout the song, which boasts a smattering of playful and sparkling synths. It’s another instance of the band’s ever-evolving sound and it will leave fans thrilled about the sonic twists and turns the band continues to take.

“‘Diamond’ is a song about feeling free and in control of your mind and your life,” says singer Collin Walsh. “It’s a song about feeling ecstasy, warmth, comfort, calmness, and confidence all at once. That carefree feeling is something I’ve been in search of all my life; when I feel it now and then, I try to hold onto it as long as I can. It’s a song about that ‘Damn, everything feels so good right now, I’m just going to ride this wave before it crashes again’ feeling.

Walsh continues, “Through struggle comes growth. I’ve had quite a lot of both the last few years. ‘Diamond’ is about conquering that feeling of hopelessness that comes through you, and just accepting that that’s part of being human. It’s all about enjoying the highs and taking the lows as they both inevitably come along.

Grayscale initially debuted “Diamond” via their livestream event, in which they enabled concert promoters around the world to help sell tickets and let them retain 50 percent of the income. Since live music promoters have been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, Grayscale felt it was important to support the people and professionals who’ve always supported their band.

Grayscale’s new single “Diamond” is out now on all digital stores and streaming platforms, with all options at:

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