Greyscale Records has announced Wollongong hard hitters Graves as the second band to join the Greyscale family; also announcing the release of their debut album ‘Monster’ to be released on the 21st of October. The five piece have spent the last few years pushing relentlessly through the Australian heavy music scene with one simple understanding; hard work pays off. After spending the year supporting Aussie acts like Confession, Thy Art Is Murder, and Parkway Drive, and currently touring the country supporting Suicide Silence (USA), it’s time for the fruits of their labour to be tasted.

Today they drop the first taste of things to come with the new single “Fear”, a track that deals with vocalist Rhys Benn’s coming to terms with his place in the world “Fear is about being the black sheep of my family, the failure. I never really felt accepted or welcomed at home and this song is the culmination of the different emotions & mind frame I experienced during this time. Fear sums up the experience of me realising the fact that’s who I am, and that my family fears me for what they pushed away and created. A single chapter in the book that is the album.”

Pre-orders are live now at the following links

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