Friday is a big day for new releases, including HELL BOULEVARD, their third album ‘Not Sorry’ . Previewed by the first two singles ‘Not Sorry’ and ‘Death To The Future feat. Faderhead’ -features their unmistakable blend of goth’n’roll with solid rock and roll, big refrains, orchestral arrangements and elements from different metal subgenres. 

While, at first glance, ‘Not Sorry’ seems to explore more negative territory than previous releases, upon venturing just a little deeper, one can find the hopeful, positive message behind their devilish lyrics and heavy drums.

A faster, in-your-face type of record, ‘Not Sorry’ presents band members’ unfiltered selves with no remorse, no regrets and, most importantly, no apologies.

As of September 18, the ‘Not Sorry’ LP will be available digitally across online stores like Apple Music and streaming platoforms such as Spotify, as well as on CD and a FanBox, via NoCut Entertainment. Early 2021 tour dates have also been announced for Germany.

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