The late nineties and early noughties were a great time for Australian music and I know today we are producing some great bands, but there is something about that period for myself and the music that encapsulates it, I just hold in such high regard. One of the must-have albums of that time was the platinum-selling album Sumo by the ever rocking Superjesus which has now turned 20 years old.

In honour of this special occasion, The Superjesus have hit the road, playing everything from their ARIA award-winning debut album Sumo. On a 19-run tour date that takes in so many of our nation’s top music spots, tonight it’s the Manning Bar in Sydney.

In a move that somewhat defies conventional touring the band are their own support act for the night but show openers Rackett are worth getting in early for, these ladies are the next generation of a great Aus Rock. With the stage lights dimmed we hear the beating of tribal drums in the dark and then an oh so familiar guitar riff and with that the Superjesus open things up with the lead track from Sumo, Down Again, instantly I am taken back to Homebake 98 and memories of studying up late listening to this rocking monster of a track.

They move right along into Saturation and now I can tell this will be a track for track album show albeit with some slight deviation. Musically the band hasn’t forgotten a single note although Sarah admits humorously to not even being aware that she even wrote a song on the album called Milk (lol), we the audience have not forgotten a word as we rock back and forth to the sound blaring out of the speakers. Musically the band are tight but it really is front women Sarah who has the spotlight, her stage moves of jumping off the speakers playing on the barricade and just simply shredding away were just magnificent.  

They finish out the album set and promise to take a precise 20 min break and come back and rock our worlds some more and they kept their promise to the second. Starting the second set off much softer then the first Sarah is alone on stage and playing keyboard, the song is Second Sun and its sung so beautifully that we are just mesmerised. The next ten songs are a real mix bag of old school songs like Ground and Strips of You to bigger later hits Secret Agent Man or Holy Water but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the cover of Kylie Minogue’s Confide in Me which was better than the original if you ask me. It had truly been a great night and for the grand climax we sang and clapped our way through Gravity.

Frontwoman Sarah McLeod has said “The band have never performed a show like this before, and never will again – it is a once off moment in time celebration of all things The Superjesus” and she was spot on, I have seen many epic sets in my time but tonight’s show was a real live music treat. The Superjesus are definitely alive and kicking and so get out there and go see this mammoth show and prove live music isn’t dead.

Review – Chad

Also, Check out our Photo Gallery of The Superjesus @ Narrabeen RSL 13th October 2018 *photos by Christian Ross


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