Splendour in the grass has come and gone for another year. All the punters have returned home and most of the acts back to their respective countries. Now I said most not all.A few bands have some sideshows left before leaving Australia. One of those bands is indie rockers The Kills and tonight is Sydney’s iconic Enmore Theatre turn to experience what Splendour goers were enamoured by.

My night began by picking up my ticket at the box office whilst noticing Australian legendary guitarist and singer Diesel in front of me. Now when a band can attract other high calibre musicians to their shows you know you are in for a good night. The Enmore had already been treated to some glorious Splendour sideshows in the last few days like Leon Bridges and At The Drive In but tonight it was The Kills turn to make some memories. Having personally seen Alison’s other band at The Enmore many years ago I knew I was in for a good night.

The crowd was a wash with denim jackets and rock chic style as they patiently waited for Kills to take the stage. It wasn’t look before the dimmed lights began to shine brighter on stage as they band walked out to cheers from the crowd. From the moment they started Jamie just exuded cool and well it just has to be said Alison is damn sexy. From her clothes to her voice to the way she moves on stage her sex appeal is effortless yet extremely engaging.

They started things off with “No Wow” and followed it up with “U.R.A fever” then “Kissy Kissy”. All the while Alison would shimmy around the stage and Jamie would provide riff after riff to keep the audience moving. There was accompanying musicians on stage but tonight all eyes were fixed on the duo.

A highlight of the night came from getting to hear new single “Doing it to death” live. It sounded both haunting and perfect. With the audience seeming well versed in the lyrics proving this is not a band people go to hear old material. The Kills loyal fan base clearly want to hear any era of songs. Alison even showed her drumming skills, pounding away during “Pots and pans”.

After over an hour on stage the lights came down as they walked off. But that was not to be the end as the appreciative Sydney crowd cheered for more. Alison returned to the stage on her own with an acoustic and gave us a beautiful rendition of their new song “that love”. The song displayed her vocal ability and a raw dark heartfelt moment that had the entire audience transfixed by her. The whole band returned to give us some more indie rock goodness and finishing up with swagger filled “Sour cherry” that got everybody moving. They left the stage with a bow and thanked the crowd for a great night with the words of “sour cherry” still echoing through the theatre walls.

Whilst it wasn’t a gig filled with much onstage banter or talking between songs The Kills did what they do very really and that’s play sexy rock n roll tunes. During the entire set the duo’s love of music was evident in the way they moved to become part of the music. Jamie’s on stage presence and guitar playing ability was precise yet reckless at exactly the same time. In a world full of manufactured pop artists Alison proved the real deal does still exist. As good as The Kills are on CD nothing compares to seeing them live. Tonight proving Sydney’s love affair with Alison and Jamie is a hard habit to break.

(review by Christian Ross)

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