It’ the first Friday in November and Summer is definitely on it’s way as the temperature is really heating up in Sydney Australia . After over a three year gap between visits tonight Taylor Swift will return to the Sydney stage. Opening the show are Broods and Charli XCX but tonight is all about that American heartbreaker Taylor.

To say the anticiptation inside of the stadium before she came on was electric is an understatement. Because literally just before she took to the stage there was a huge electrical storm. The rain pouring down was relentless and didn’t let up until over half way through the concert. But Taylor was a true professional and took it in her stride. The thousands in attendance didn’t seem to mind the rain either as they danced and sang along.

The setlist for the night focused a lot on her newest album Reputation but older favourites weren’t forgotten in particular “shake it off” and “22” were especially adored by the crowd. A nice touch was that all fans were given wrist bands that would light up during the show in various colours, giving the arena a gorgeous glow.

From the huge stage screens helping with visual elements, to the back up dancers and stage props including a large snake, the show was truly a spectacle. Memorable moments came from when she would sing with just a guitar on smaller stages in the middle of the audience and a solo piano performance displayed her heartfelt vulnerability.

Despite the rain Taylor Swift gave Sydney fans a night to remember as she closed the show with “this is why we can’t have nice things” whilst fireworks shot from the stage into the night sky.

Review- Christian Ross

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