It’s a rocking night in old Sydney Town as I make my across the Harbour to the Big Top at Luna Park it’s carnival type atmosphere is the perfect setting to witness the freakishly outrageous Steel Panther and there brand of balls out Metal. From the moment I step off the Ferry at Milsons point I am ready to rock and looking around I am not the only one so many guys and girls have taken time to dress up in wigs an spandex and rock out with there best bandanas really creating a glam look that’s hasn’t been seen since the 80s.

Opening things up for the night were Kentucky’s own Black Stone Cherry these guys were originally heading up there own show at the factory but when asked to open for the insatiable Steel Panther they jumped at the chance and the crowd were more then happy to to have them get things warmed up , especially when they played Me an Mary Jane that’s when things really got lit up so to speak.

Well the Big Top is now full to capacity the crowd getting filled with Jack Daniels and wanting to Rock. The lights go out, those close enough can see the band creeping on stage in the dark and then it’s bam! the lights kick back on and out comes lead singer Michael Starr ripping straight into the bands anthem Eyes of the Panther.

You should know that at a Steel Panther gig there is going to be Metal ! humorous banter and of course some tits out, we are only three songs in and now I can check off all three, as the band talk about Sydney being there favourite city an Melbourne being our slutiest city and the ladies of the audience flash there breasts.

Crowd interaction is a big part of the Steel Panther show it all starts when they go to play Asian Hooker and find a lovely lady to bring up on stage to dance around and grind on the band. Then on an acoustic performance of Girl From Oklahoma a very special I mean slutty lady ( Michaels words )was bought up to help on vocal duties. After the songs finish there is little poetry improv competition  from all band members to see who can use the lovely ladies name best in verse ,I would say that honour went to drummer Stix Zadinia. All this mayhem and hilarity would culminate in Sydney setting a new record for most pussy up on stage with the band ever,there were way more then 17 Girls In A Row up there all dancing and getting the girls out it was enough to make you wana blow your load at the Glory Hole. After the songs end Lexxi suggest they should all kiss but Stix has a better idea they should eat each other out cause we all know Eating Ain’t Cheating no band does a Segway better then Steel Panther

There is more to Steel Panther then tits an comedy, they are accomplished musicians and this would be highlighted when guitarist Satchel got to do a most excellent bodacious solo. He was up there shredding away on stage at the end of Gold Digging Whore. And gave us a history lesson on metal riffs starting with Smoke On The Water and ending in our own national anthem very classy indeed.

It had been an awesome night of Metal, Mayhem and Mammaries but all great shows must come to an end and this show would end with the war cry of Death To All But Metal. Of Course they wouldn’t leave us hanging like but we must play out our part with the one more song chant and they play out theirs. Once back out we get an apology for keeping us waiting so long because they had to fuck all those chicks waiting back stage. Michael thanks us for spending our cash at a Steel Panther concert encourages us to go grab some original art work from the merch stand so we can support  their coke habit. They begin the encore with their biggest hit Community Property, the band need not sing as for the crowd do it for them it’s a sweet touching moment of infidelity as we kick the shit out of all other places say Michael. It is time to finish things off for real  now and out comes the greatest piece of advice i have heard and thats to Party All Day (Fuck All Night) something i took to out the door with me as i headed into the rest of my weekend.

Review – Chad

Photo Gallery – Christian Ross

Steel Panther tour


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