Leon bridges has come to town and all of a sudden this Sydney sider finds himself is sitting in his beloved Enmore theatre thinking to himself wow when did i get to the soul clubs of Louisiana, that is the power of Leon Bridges music it is a total mind and body emerson.

The stage lights dim taking there places are his 6 piece back up band and then out struts the man himself looking cool as in his white dinner jacket, bow tie,  high waisted pants and finishing the look off is the whitest shoes you have ever seen. The man practically glides on up to the microphone and then begins to sing, his sound it is like something out of a for gone era, his dance moves are straight up untouchable this man has groove down pat ain’t no body out there as smooth as Leon bridges in fact if you looked up the word smooth in the dictionary there is a picture of Leon Bridges.

Smooth sailing is the opening track and we the audience roar in appreciation when it ends. The soulful sounding Better Man left us wooed from begging to end. Leon’s vocal range is really something amazing the whole set has that classic ’60s soul sound and on tracks like Golden Room and Pussyfootin it just shines on through but then out comes out a bluesy number like Hold On and the sound changes just like that smooth as silk.

Leon’s whole back up band was amazing no doubt about it but there is something about the smooth stylish sound from the saxophonist that really steals the spotlight along with the back up singer who also plays the tambourine.

Leon works the crowd saying he just don’t know if we Sydney are going to be the best show of the tour, he also says he is thirsty and are we going to give it to him tonight ? and of course we did after all we are Sydney. At one point we are encouraged to turn to a stranger beside us and tell them we love them.

Leon tells us about a track he wrote in his bedroom and had no idea if people would like it. The song is his break through hit Coming Home and it is a sure fire bet people more then like it, they love it as they sway and sing Baby, baby, baby I’m coming home to your tender sweet loving. Straight after the band exits leaving Leon alone on stage spotlight all on him he is strumming on a guitar leaving us with the enchanting River this ends the set Leon thanks us very much and exits leaving every one in the Enmore on there feet and the applause is just deafening.

I can feel the floor beneath me is all ready beginning to rumble as the crowd stamp an cheer for more they have not had there fill and if he makes us wait any longer they may just tear the place down as the band return to the stage raising the the level of screaming from the crowd. They settle things down by playing a smooth melody whilst we wait for Leon to get back on stage and when he does come back out he lets fly his version of Genuine Pony, man if you aren’t present in the Enmore tonight or you never get to hear this live then you have really missed out on something very sexy, things really got freaky up in here tonight. The whole night comes to its end with a clapping foot stomping good time to the track Mississippi Kisses leaving us not wanting to go home ever. Tonight’s performance was nothing short of spectacular.

Review – Chad

Photo Gallery – Christian Ross

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