For the past few weeks Katy Perry has been touring all across Australia and tonight it’s finally time for Sydney to Witness the pop sensation live. Doing a sufficient job in warming up the crowd on the night was Zedd who upon a podium would DJ playing many bangers but tonight everyone was clearly there for one reason and that reason was Katy Perry. I had seen Katy many years ago play Enmore Theatre so was interested to see how she is now in a large arena.
Accompanied by backing band and dancers Katy Perry made her stage entrance in eye catching fashion by being hoist high above the stage on a glass star. The stage design included huge props throughout and a large runway she would utilise to get closer to her adoring Sydney fans. I was worried that since she has reached the heights of pop stardom tonight’s show would just be song after song without stopping and little crowd interaction but I was pleasantly surprised as that wasn’t the case. Katy made time to pause between songs to show her appreciation for the crowd. She even gave an eight year old girl a moment to never forget by choosing her from the audience to join her on stage to fulfil her wish of singing with Katy.   
The set list did favour heavily her newest album but that is to be expected. The visual elements of her costume changes and bright, bold sets made each song truly memorable. A highlight of the night came from when Katy played “Wide Awake” while floating upon a planet high above the audience which is something to behold when seen live. Older favourites weren’t forgotten either with “I Kissed A Girl” and “California Gurls” reminding us of why we first fell in love with Katy.  
Lastly she played her anthem track “Roar” to the huge delight of the entire arena as everyone sang along in full voice. However that was not the end of the night as she returned to the stage to give us an encore of two more songs. Firstly she glided across the audience while singing “Pendulum”. Then ending in the palm of a giant hand in the middle of the audience she lit up everyones night quite literally by ending with “Firework”. From the kids all the way to grown men wearing light up cat ears everyone left the venue smiling. There’s still a few more Sydney show dates left so I recommend you don’t miss everyone’s teenage dream Katy Perry.
Review – Christian Ross
Photo Gallery – Justin Ross
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