Grunge rock band Gyroscope from the far west of Australia , are on tour  but this time round they will bid a sad adieu to drummer  Rob Nassif  Tonight they play to a full house at the Crow Bar in Sydney. 

Opening with Doctor Doctor they blow up the stage with an energy that feels like it is straight from the heart. Following with I till taste blood, Don’t look now I think Im sweating blood, they play 4YRLV from their latest EP, it is evident their fans are still as keen as ever. 

Singer Daniel Sanders bellows “ is anyone in this room over 35?” Then launches into 1981, there are fans of all ages and they all sing along. The crowd are warmed up by now and ready for Daniel to get down and intimate with the fans as they play Safe Forever,  the emotion conveyed while performing this song feels like a deep and personal secret, I feel it and Im sure many others do too. What do I know about pain, again feels like a glimpse into their personal journey 

It is drummer Rob’s choice of song, Dreams and Screams, the sound is tight and the room feels like home.  On of the highlights was midway through Fast Girl, the break into Midnight Oil’s, Beds Are Burning, we all know the words and sing along, it is another reminder that Gyroscope are an awesome homegrown band, proud of their roots. The band pays a tribute to Rob which is met with a warm response from the fans. They close with my favourite, Snakeskin which leaves us all on a massive high. 

Tonight they shared a story about love, hate, pain and all things human. All good things come to an end, but it was one hell of a story, thanks for the tunes Gyroscope! 

Review – Kim Hoeschle

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