British pop sensation Dua Lipa is in Australia for a sneaky whirlwind tour and tonight it’s the Newton Social Club turn for this singer, song writer and model.

The Newton Social stage has graced us with plenty of hot acts over the years and tonight is no exception.
The crowd seem quite a buzz and excitement is in the air, we have barely any room to dance as it is quite packed in tight. Tucked away in the left hand corner is the stage alight in blue ambience as the band make their way on stage, the beat is picking up the crowd is beginning to move and out comes the lady of the hour a cheer comes from the waiting masses if you know this artist then this sentence is irrelevant but my god she is gorgeous up there in her sparking red dress. Things may be chilled outside but they were differently heating up inside.

When a pretty face breaks through in the entrainment industry it is easy to dismiss them as oh yea their just another beautiful songstress but Dua Lipa is so much more then that. I love her voice it is so seductive, soulful and some what slightly dark at times. It would be foolish to dismiss her as some beautiful pop act she is way much more and when seen live this translates quite easy as to why she deserves your time an attention.

The words of her songs they are so sensual and seem to echo so sexually through the room. I feel as though the place could at any second explode with passion and a shared sensuality of sexual expression and then there are the tracks that are filled with a little bit of heartache and you can vibe the that the room just seems to feel it.

Her two biggest hits obviously went over well and as the intro starts to her most recognized hit “Be The One” the crowd are already excited as they cheer and dance about, we haven’t even hit the chorus as they begin to clap along to the beat dancing and singing I could be the one. I think after the songs end Dua herself is a little a taken back by all the love from the crowd. Up next is current single “Hotter then Hell” it would be our last chance to dance and dance we did at the songs end the band carry on the beat as Dua exits stage left, and that ends tonights performance of what can only be described as stunning and captivating performance the was short but sweet.

Review – Chad

Photo Gallery – Christian Ross

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