They are Rock N Roll Hall of Famers and one of the most influential rock groups of the past fifty years and have been setting stages alight right across the world in 2018. Tonight, it’s The Enmore Theatre in Sydney’s turn as the living rock legends that are Cheap Trick bolster through the country for a string of East Coast shows.

The stage is set, the curtain is drawn, the crowd are geared up and ready to get rocking and then a voice comes out of the speakers and asks, ‘are you ready to see one of the greatest fucking rock bands in the world?YES!! we all shout and just like that the curtain drops, the stage is all chequered and we begin to rock with the upbeat set opener of Hello There. Those who were seated in the first few front rows only moments ago are now on their feet in front of the stage, Robin looks pimping, Rick is slick as and Tom, well he is just as boyish as he was way back when.

Cheap Trick has a back catalogue of over 20 albums and tonight they gave us a full-sized serving from most of them, from latest works You Got It Going On and Blood Red Lips to their greatest works. If You Want My Love came early in the set and was the first big sing-along from the crowd. Each track came with some real dazzling musicianship as their guitar-laden rock-pop sound filled the Enmore. Guitarist Rick Nielsen really showing us how it is done and backing him up on the drums was his son Daxx Nielsen making it a real family affair. Now not to be outdone you had bassist Tom Petersson who hit us up with a cracking bass solo but also cracks us up in between songs with his jokes.

Frontman Robin Zander has an astonishing voice and quite distinct amongst his rock n roll peers, here in the Enmore tonight he put it on full display numerous times throughout the set but in particular when it came to the emotional number one power ballad The Flame. After that heartfelt live music touching moment it was nothing but the hits, the crowd now bopping along and more vocal than ever as we finished things off strong with I Want You to Want Me, Dream Police and of course Surrender then finishing off the set in glorious fashion with Goodnight Now.

Cheap Trick tonight were fully vibrant up on the stage, it’s easy to see how they are one of the most influential bands of the last 50 years. It’s not just the catchy hooks the skilled musicianship or soaring vocal range, these guys are out there making music, touring and just simply having fun doing it and you will too. So go on, surrender, give your cash away and you will be more than alright.

Review – Chad


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