It is Sunday night in Sydney and i am standing round the Enmore Theatre waiting for Meyhem Lauren long time friend of Action Bronson to open things up.  He seems to have missed his scheduled start time but its all good as the DJ  keeps the waiting crowd in good spirits playing out some banging tunes.

The lights go dim and a’ YEAH’ roars out of the speakers Meyhem steps on stage and gets straight into it. There is much love coming from the crowd at the front who don’t seem to mind the wait, his rap style is aggressive and the set is over after just a few songs.

We wait out the break with no DJ spinning tunes the crowd rile up they begin to chant Bron Son, Bron Son, Bron Son and it must have worked because the DJ comes back out the beat drops its the opening intro from Mr Wonderful and the bass is running right thru me as the man of the hour Action Bronson hits the stage and delves right  into Brand New Car, the audience cheers and smell of weed is in the air from then on in.

His passion up there on stage is so evident as he struts around banging on chest, his rhymes are so tight and we in the crowd sing every word back to him from some of his biggest tracks like Terry, Actin Crazy which had us doing just that, we throw our hands in the air like we are whipping up gang signs as we yell ‘Hit you with a dropkick !‘ on The Rockers the bass is so heavy on that one my ears ring and my whole body vibrates

Through out the set he speaks about how delicious the clams are in Western Australia highlighting his chef side, how glad he is to be back in Australia. Signs hats and other memorabilia and one concert goer even got to show off his Action Bronson Tattoo now thats fandom.

We welcome back on stage Meyhem and together they rap there way  thru Falconry, one of Meyhems own jams they also do Red Dot Music and end there set together with Strictly For My Jeeps which went off. its getting down the business end of the set and we all know what we want to hear and we aren’t disappointed as Action Bronson rips his shirt and shows all his range of emotion in his mega hit Baby Blue he does it acapella style adding his own voice to his backing track then doing a sick ass breakdown on the last verse.

There is no time wasting as the encore starts straight away the lights turn blue creating this ambient feel and the bass is still pumping right thru me as it has done all night. A fully shirtless tatted up Action Bronson comes back out joined by Meyhem and the DJ and we get Easy Rider  and just like a Harley riding off into the sunset he is gone after the track is done. Sydney gives it one last try at chanting his name to get him back out and then a beat drops we get real excited the whole crowd from front to back, bottom to top clap along as Amadu Diablo is performed mixed to Tracey Chapman’s Give me One Reason To Stay Here and then with one last beat left on a loop the house lights go on and we know its time to go.

Australia may have been kept waiting a long time for this show too happen but as the old saying goes good things come to those who wait and tonights show at the Enmore was more the just good it was phenomenal.

Review – Chad

Fully Gallery Here – Photos By Christian Ross






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