I remember a time some where around the early 2000’s you couldn’t turn on the radio in Australia or walk past the TV without hearing Australian  rock band Motor Ace. Their catchy tunes had gotten the attention of everyone mainstream and not. To me they were a part of that special place in Australian music history a time where Homebake was a highlight of the music festival calendar and Australian bands toured the whole country relentlessly. Around 2005 Motor Ace called it a day but that is not the end of the story as for Motor Ace are currently embarking on a reunion tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of the bands inception. Since the tour was announced last year I had been waiting many months for the opportunity to see Motor Ace live again.

The wait is over things are about to kick off. We are packed into the Factory Theatre, the stage lights dim then a flash goes out the first note is struck and we are a go with the first track of the night Keeping Secrets. Before playing the next track Five Star Laundry frontman Patrick Robertson announces the band are back much to the delight of the cheering fans. So much of the set placed Patricks melodic harmonies on display the band them selves haven’t missed a beat and were tight as, it’s like they had never left and extend jam during Pieces really highlighted this. As they finished off the main set with Siamese Patrick says they will see us again in 5 mins needing a break due to being 20 years older since they first got started (lol). When they do comeback out they hit us with some of the biggest riffs and sing alongs of the night Hey Driver, Death Defy and Chairman Of The Board, being sensational but it was time to close the evening the band showing so much appreciation for every one in the room and left us to Carry On.

We all may have aged but Motor Ace’s music feels timeless, perfectly at home amongst the current soundscape of the Australian music scene. Tonights show at the Factory Theatre was great fun every one in the room enjoyed hearing those songs again in a live space and left us feeling a sense of nostalgia, great show a true celebration of Motor Ace, Five Stars.

Review – Chad Heard / Photos – Christian Ross

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