The Crowbar is filled up tonight not just in bodies and brews but in memories of a time when Aussie music was producing a diverse range of musical talent especially in the rock scene. It has been a long time since I last saw Bodyjar and 28 Days perform a tour together or even be on the same festival line up, but that is exactly what is happening tonight as both bands have joined forces and are touring all around the country.

First up it’s 28 Days opening with the much loved old school anthem Sucker and it is on once again for young an old but mostly older given the crowds age lol. One thing I noticed is the turntables are missing from the bands original sound and now the tracks are more punk driven which I really liked and gives the band a more updated sound. Lyrically Jay still belts out his flow with out missing a beat you can still feel the heart is there and love for what hey do, this hits home on the track Stealing Chairs. One thing that never gets old is when they turn the mike to the crowd and ask “28 Days can ?” and we promptly shout “FUCK OFF” ah so many memories came flooding back of festivals and club shows past.

One of the most revered punk bands Australia has ever produced, Bodyjar are ready to go and open with Sequel easily taking the nostalgia feeling in the Crowbar. You know the band have something really special when they have the whole room front to back jumping up and down and belting the lyrics to such bangers Not The Same and Fall To The Ground. The boys looked just as excited to be up on stage as we in the room were for both bands. Forever the crowd pleasers hearing their covers of Hazy Shade of Winter and Your Racist Friend was sheer music delight.

Tonights show has been dubbed as a part family reunion and it felt that way for sure, but mainly it is a good time not to be missed. These two premiere legends of Australia out on tour proving their music is just what the live music scene needs as they show the new school just what made the old school so great. So make sure you take in one of the many shows they have headed your way and Rip It Up !

Review – Chad Heard

Photo Gallery – Christian Ross

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