Frank Iero and the Future Violence aka The Future Violents have announced that their new Heaven is a Place, This is a Place EP will be released on Friday January 15, 2021. Serving as a companion piece to 2019’s critically acclaimed full length, Barriers, the EP is split into two distinct movements.

Side A reveals the true meaning of “Violence”, a song title Iero has teased on bass drums in all his Future Violents music videos. Indeed, it’s opening gambit of “You got so sick, I thought I’d die, you got so down, I couldn’t get high” before the chorus refrain of “Your violence feels like kisses to me, your silence makes it harder to breathe, your distance feels like I’m not enough…I need your touch” sees Iero at his most scathing and damaged. Never have these words felt more relevant as they do now. This ferocity and redemptive anger continues into “Sewer Wolf “ where in the chorus Iero professes, “I come alive forged in fire, My love will break these chains built from pain, they can’t hold me down.”

In total contrast to side A, side B finds the band more delicate and thoughtful, complete with soaring soundscapes before the final crescendo of ‘Record Ender’. All while paying beautiful tribute to Iero’s journey with The Future Violents and its members musical fortitude.


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