Flickertail, Sydney’s finest single malt rock and roll export are beyond excited to announce their brand new single, Right Behind The Eyes.

Right Behind The Eyes is a tense, angry, kung-fu kick of a rock and roll song. It opens with the sort of riff that singes eyebrows first and asks questions never, and powers forward for the whole time. No breakdowns, no lengthy atmospheric intros -straight ahead, loud rock and roll.

Frontman Liam Whelan says of the track, ‘This song is about whingers, negative people, who ultimately wind up sad and alone. Our coat of arms has the emu on it because it can never take a step backwards. People are meant to be like that. You can’t move forward if you’re looking over your shoulder, and you can’t get rich looking in anyone else’s pockets. You at least have to reach in to take their wallet.These dudes also tend to treat women pretty horribly, at least in my experience, so this song’s about them.

The funniest bit is when someone thinks I wrote the song about them in particular. I don’t write songs for about individual people, but if you hear lines like “the only thing you’ll pull tonight is gonna be yourself” and think it’s about you, then you desperately need to get your shit together.’


Right Behind The Eyes is out now

Armed with only their wits, guitars and their stunning good looks, Flickertail will appear at these upcoming shows and unleash their infamous zero-bullshit live show! 

Friday, August 23: Greaser Bar, Brisbane
Saturday, August 31: Bombay Rock, Melbourne
Saturday, September 14: The Chippo Hotel, Sydney – SINGLE LAUNCH
Ticket info here

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