Trapped outside Tame Impala, Tixel’s founders fought back by creating an ethical ticket resale platform. Today, Tixel launches Ticket Sheriff, as part of a string of measures the innovative company is employing to protect music fans from suffering the same fate as their founders, who mistakenly purchased counterfeit Tame Impala tickets in 2015.

Ticket Sheriff allows users to enter the username of a ticket seller to see if they’ve been busted doing dodgy deals in the past. The platform encourages music fans who have been scammed online to report dodgy sellers to the Sheriff.

The desperation to attend a gig with your mates -the staggering FOMO- is truly unrivalled. No one wants to miss out on the musical experience of a lifetime.

So when tickets to Tame Impala’s Melbourne show sold out in the summer of 2015, Zac Leigh and Jason Webb  were unperturbed. The internet, as always, had multiple methods for them to track down tickets. Eventually they settled for an amicable Gumtree transaction with a friendly bloke who seemed trustworthy enough. 

Upon arrival at the event though things weren’t so easy. The tickets they had paid $400 for did not scan at the door. There was confusion, accusations and perspiration before they came to understand that they had been sold fraudulent tickets. 

The final stage of grief is reported to be ‘acceptance’ but Leigh and Webb went ahead and redefined it as ‘resolution’, using their disappointment to fuel the conception of an exciting new Australian startup called Tixel

Tixel is an Australian tech company that is solving the problem of illegal and unethical ticket sales. It provides a safe marketplace for person-to-person ticket resale and protects music fans from being scammed and ripped off. In 2018 ZERO fake tickets were uploaded to Tixel and ZERO fans were left out of pocket. 

Last year Tixel partnered with over 70 events and helped over 70,000 fans buy or resell tickets safely. Organisers behind Beyond The Valley, FOMO and Rhythm and Vines used Tixel to ensure no one was left out of pocket, stuck at the door or meandering a festival perimeter texting sad emojis to their mates. 

Tixel is 100% Australian made and promises to bring peace of mind to all factions of the local and international live music community. 


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