Drown This City are out to make their first and lasting mark on the Australian Heavy Music scene with their debut EP ‘False Idols.’ The latest cut from the EP is “I’m Not Divided” has now got a filmclip that ratchets things up about ten notches.

June 17, 2016 – The Worker’s Club, Fitzroy, Melbourne will mark the beginning of Drown This City’s foray into the live music scene. They are celebrating the release of their EP ‘False Idols’ and are bringing supports Autumn in Alaska, Capone and Danger! Earthquake! along for the ride.

Drown This City are a band that heralds an entirely new age in heavy music in Australia – set to turn heads and set themselves apart through the intense and impassioned delivery of firebrand front-woman Alex Reade. Vocally, she is both brutal and beautiful, skilfully switching from insane, flesh-ripping screams to soaringly melodic passages in the blink of an eye. She truly is a beacon in a heavily male dominated scene.

Alex had this to say about the amazing new filmclip for I’m Not Divided.
“I’m Not Divided is an incredibly rebellious and passionate song. It speaks to those who’ve been treated like they are sick or damaged in the eyes of society for being different and they answer back that any hatred or judgement is a reflection of somebody else’s internal fear of those who are essentially free”

“The concept for the film clip was to elaborate on this message, with the heroine being a part of ‘the resistance’ and being chased down by those who wish her harm. Ultimately she beats the crap out of them and rises above any oppression or threat to her freedom. The crescendo of the lyrics: ‘they hate us, they break us, we make us strong’ really encapsulates the affliction of those being broken daily by forces around them, but by harnessing inner strength, they can overcome anything.”

“We were delighted to work with Nick Kozakis and Dillon Pearce Media on this amazing clip. Both acclaimed in the film industry with Nick’s stunning co-direction on Plague (Cannes Film Festival 2015), and teaming up to shoot Hunter (to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2016). Together they pushed the boundaries of the song to bring a raw, energetic and brutal depiction of the fear and oppression to those fighting for ‘the resistance’. Shot at Victoria’s historic Fort Nepean, the clip is eery and dramatic.”

‘False Idols’ will be released into the world on Friday June 3rd through MGM Distribution – with Pre-Orders live on iTunes now, with punters getting the single ‘I’m Not Divided’ as soon as the EP is purchased.

Drown This City’s debut live show is on sale now – Friday June 17 at Worker’s Club, Fitzroy. Tickets are available at theworkersclub.oztix.com.au.

Drown This City

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