The right amount of self-applied pressure causes growth. This growth has brought American metalcore outfit Wage War to this moment – announcing their new album ‘Pressure’ – out Friday August 30 in Australia through Fearless Records & Caroline Australia. Pre-order from Artist First on CD, limited edition clear vinyl or bundles and receive a bonus poster at – and the brand new single Who I Am is available now at all digital platforms and streaming outlets.

Through an unwavering dedication to progression, Wage War sharpen their patented hybrid of heavy pit-starting technicality and hummable hypnotic melodies with each subsequent evolution. Look no further than the aptly titled third full-length from the Florida quintet, Pressure [Fearless Records].


There’s always pressure to make a great album, but we felt it even more so this time around,” explains Cody. “We pushed ourselves to keep this thing moving and growing. The theme was to be as catchy and as heavy as possible. We knew we had to do something people would notice. Ultimately, we tried to deliver a benchmark that says, ‘This is Wage War. This is what we can do.’

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