With members based in Germany and The USA, Downfall Of Gaia are a truly international band.
They will be brining their enveloping wall of sound to Australian fans for the first time this November!
While their roots are in the crust punk scene, they have progressed into a soundscape that merges black earth, rock and dirty sludge with lyrics poetically describing the dark side of living.
Absorbing you into their relentless and potent sonic doom.
Their latest album Aeons Unveils The Thrones Of Decay (Metal Blade) addresses mankind’s most powerful enemy, time, which passes without mercy and consideration.
Exactly the situation fans will face when confronting the band live. Expect no respite, no let up, no quarter.
This is a wall of sound in the truest sense of the word.
Joining Downfall Of Gaia are Brisbane’s masters of blackened sludge, Hope Drone.
The bands richly captivating, atmospheric music combines the devastatingly beautiful with the uncompromising heaviness of a thousand tidal waves.
Dynamic and textured, supremely nihilistic and earth shaking, Hope Drone are the perfect accompaniment to Downfall Of Gaia’s crushing brutality.
Their latest album Cloak Of Ash (Relapse Records) features seven songs of extreme brilliance and expansive yet suffocating rhythms.
Supporting Downfall Of Gaia & Hope Drone will be some awesome locals in the shape of;
Brisbane – Noise-pop shoe gaze proponents, Deafcult and ritualistic black metallers, Graveir
Sydney: Psychedelic punk/sludgers Thorax, occult worshippers Sorcery and blackened hardcore Gvrlls
Melbourne: blackened death experts Colossvs, the ultra heavy YLVA and post punkers Diecut
Thurs, November 19 – Crowbar, Brisbane
Fri, November 20 – The Roxbury Hotel, Sydney
Sat, November 21 – The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne


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