Following on from their critically praised single ‘Trouble Prone’, Sydney-based indie-punk quartet Down For Tomorrow has just returned with their new single ‘Survive’, the final track from their staggered EP ‘Whatever Happens’.

Opening with the melancholic vocals of lead singer Cody Stebbings, ‘Survive’ swells with deft dynamics and angst-driven guitars. The uplifting first chorus paves the way for a sweat-soaked singalong before thudding drums and propelling bass combine fiercely, as the band delivers a persistent message about staying hopeful in a time of bleakness.

Stebbings talks about the meaning behind ‘Survive’:

“I wrote the song within the first month of the lockdown restrictions being introduced in New South Wales, and at that time, I had momentarily lost my job. All my classes had moved online, and I was just trying desperately to fill in all this free time I had with things that made me feel like I had done something productive – books, songwriting, journaling, exercising. Routine was simultaneous, my best friend and worst enemy. Besides, we never really know when this will end, or if this is the new normal. So, this song is about the anxieties of uncertainty, and having to remind yourself constantly that if all you did was make it through today alive, that’s enough.”

In the coming weeks, Down For Tomorrow will reveal an accompanying video clip for ‘Survive’.

Click to stream ‘Survive’

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