Bristol based five piece THE RAMONA FLOWERS officially unleash their brand new video. Filmed in Albuquerque , New Mexico, the video features the character Skullman who quite uniquely has a mirror ball head! This represents the glamour of the big money world he moves in (as also shows in the record sleeve) and the lyrics of the track ‘Dirty World’. However Skully (as he is affectionately known) also signifies the dark and deadly effect of the crazed pursuit of cash and business.

‘DIRTY WORLD’ is a perfect showcase for the bands unique combination of electronica with soaring choruses and anthemic guitar riffs. It’s the first single to be taken from the bands forthcoming sophmore album due for release through Distiller Records later this year and the follow-up to their 2014 debut album, ‘Dismantle and Rebuild’.

Lyrically it talks of – “Working night and day to live under a roof I’ll never call my own”. The band explain ’Dirty World’, grew out of a Giorgio Moroder-style synth sound that Gallimore was experimenting with. Inspired, James promptly put a piano hook that sounded like something out of Top Gun over the top. “I know it sounds like fucking Top Gun but we got a drumbeat on it and we realised there was something cool about it,” he says. Bird’s lyrics are about his frustration at being forced to leave London due to rising rent. “It’s unfair that you have to move out of the city you love not on your terms.”

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