Coridian, who last month dropped single ‘The Witness’ and announced their forthcoming EP ‘Eldur’ for release on May 22nd (available for Pre-Order now at, are today dropping a BIG new anthem and fresh cut from the EP will be out on Friday May 8th on all digital stores and streaming outlets at!

‘Eldur’ is the third in a four EP series that the band began in 2015 with ‘Oceanic’. The four EP cycle covers off all of the Elements that comprise the Earth.

The single is not without a message. According to the band, the new single is about false portrayal of having “the good life” on social media and the pressure to mirror that. “We’ve become a society using social media to portray a false life by taking snapshots of fabricated moments. The desire for likes are taking a toll on our mental health, especially our youth.

Social media influencers are idolised by the youth as role models, yet the real role models are voiceless. The nurses, teachers, first responders etc..They are making a real difference in this world. If people spent more time focusing on their real lives, rather than focusing on their on-screen lives, we’d be taking steps to a better space for our next generations.

On top of the new single and announcing the EP, Coridian have also been releasing a series of  Documentary episodes about the creation of the EP on their Youtube Channel in the lead up to the release of ‘Eldur.’ 3 out of the 5 episodes have dropped to date, EPISODE 1EPISODE 2 and EPISODE 3, with the last two episodes dropping ahead of the EP release date.

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