Combos apparently emerged from nowhere at the end 2018 as the result of a long line of coincidences that put together guitar player and song writer Thomas Antonsen along with drummer Andreas Kjøl Berg and singer Axel Møller Olsen. During their first year of existence the trio has managed to garner a reputation of as one of the most promising up-and coming Norwegian bands thanks to their energetic, straight forward and in-your-face punk/noise rock.

Now, with the line-up expanded into a quintet with the addition of Jørgen Wassvik on bass and Terje Bjørndahl on guitar, Combos have released their first album “Steelo”.

Featuring eight songs, “Steelo” shows a young group determined to cause impact on listeners with their vigorous, dynamic and catchy blend of punk rock rage with the abrasiveness of noise rock.

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