Currently battling some gnarly jetlag (and with one member currently M.I.A somewhere in Europe doing god knows what), Clowns have cobbled together a sexy selection of local acts to boost promised live punk rock awesomeness promised by these shows. Brisbane’s Hope Drone and Masochist will be there. Party Zone, Capa Capo, Disparo and Offensive Bohemoth for the Sydney shows. And the incredibly named Sonic Youth Allowance plus Don Bosco for Melbourne. Brisbane sludge-lords No Anchor will be gettin’ harsh across a bunch of shows.

Sydney institution Blackwire Records will host a Sunday arvo show on October 16. Tip top.

On top of all that, searing new single ‘Destroy The Evidence’ is ready to claim its rightful spot as the punk rock song of your spring and summer. Pop some cans on ice: Clowns are BACK

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