CHECK YOUR HEAD: Mental Help for Musicians is a podcast where notable musicians and experts share their solutions for mental health and wellness, hosted by Mari Fong, a longtime music journalist and life coach for musicians.

“Our mission at the CHECK YOUR HEAD Podcast is to normalize the conversations on mental health, to encourage others to get help,” says Fong, “and to provide a variety of solutions for a variety of mood disorders by a variety of experts. When you’re experiencing a mood disorder like anxiety or depression, you can feel emotionally exhausted, unmotivated, and confused. By providing a big list of solutions on our website, it makes it easy to find the right fit, especially when solutions for recovery are so individual.”

The CHECK YOUR HEAD Podcast website offers more than 125 solutions on Solutions are provided for everyone which include the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA), LGBT National Help Center, and Black Mental Health Alliance, along with downloadable apps such as Headspace, Drinker’s Helper and also provides solutions just for musicians such as Backline, SIMS Foundation and Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

“Mental help should be available to everyone, no matter their age, race or ability to pay,” continues Fong, “therefore, all of our solutions and resources are either absolutely free or affordable, knowing musicians and their crew may not have the best medical insurance.”

Recent guests include Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage and Times of Grace, Hannah Hooper of GrouploveBrian Wheat of Tesla, singer-songwriter Winona Oak and mental health experts Dr. Dan Reidenberg, suicide prevention expert at, and Richard “Wolfie” Wolf, mediation expert and author of the book, In Tune: Music as the Bridge to Mindfulness. Wolf is also an Emmy-winning composer and multi-platinum selling producer who’s worked with musical icons such as Prince and Freddie Mercury of Queen.

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