Alt-rock trio Noble Bodies is premiering a new music video for their latest single “Take Me Down.”

The band says:

“Take Me Down is about the paradox of the brutal and beautiful nature of falling in love, and the point of choice that inevitably comes: do you make yourself vulnerable, or do you protect yourself?

The Take Me Down video takes that brutal, beautiful vision one step further. It’s social commentary. We are a culture obsessed with our technology, especially our phones, often to the detriment of personal relationships. Our hearts (our ability to care, interact, empathize) are being replaced by the value we place on social media, porn, technology, and other such self-serving entertainment. We are surrounding ourselves with stimuli that untimely lead to utter loneliness.”


Noble Bodies released their first single called “What A World” on September 12, 2017, followed by their debut EP “It’s Ok It’s Hell” in November 2017. The new standalone single “Take Me Down” continues to show the band’s evolution, a sign of what’s to come, as Noble Bodies continues to write and record new material for a forthcoming new release.

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