Melbourne punk/alt-rock band Catholic Guilt have announced an EP launch show at the Northcote Social Club on Friday 2 July and released a haunting, cinematic video clip for their emotive rocker ‘Nothing…’

The fifth and final single to be released from their acclaimed This Is What Honesty Sounds Like EP ‘Nothing…’ is a slow-burning anthemic emo tinged alt-rock song that takes Catholic Guilt’s signature emotional intensity and storytelling nous and blends it with their evolving musicality, creating a haunting soundscape that serves as a powerful accompaniment to vocalist Brenton’s emotional outpouring of grief.

Lyrically a reflection on the passing of an influential loved one, ‘Nothing…’ is the sound of human encountering cycles of grief as they move through day-to-day life, finding both despair and hope in memories of a life lived and lost.

Vocalist Brenton Harris explains:

“Nothing…was initially inspired by the death of my Pop, but as the writing process unfolded, I realised that it contained elements of all of the grievings that I’ve had to do throughout my life, not just this specific passing. In that sense, it is as much a rumination on the grieving process as a whole, as it is a fitting tribute to an influential figure in my life and the lives of my immediate family. Grief is something that is unavoidable as a human being, we all have to live through it and we all grow from the lessons that it teaches us. It is painful growth, but each time you go through it you come to appreciate that there can be great power and beauty in our mortality. “

“I hope that anyone out there who listens to ‘Nothing..’ and connects with it on any level, can find some solace in knowing that while grief is an intensely personal and painful experience, it is an experience that originates in our love of another human, and in that sense, it is beautiful.”

Launch details:

Catholic Guilt

‘This Is What Honesty Sounds Like’ EP launch

v/ Bukowski (‘Elevator’ single-launch) and Analogue Hope

Northcote Social Club, Northcote

Friday 2 July

Presented by Destroy All Lines


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