Florida’s Capstan — Anthony DeMario (vocals), Harrison Bormann (guitar), Andrew “Bozz” Bozymowski (bass, vocals), Joseph Mabry (guitar), and Scott Fisher (drums) — have shared the video for a new-ish song titled “livebait.”

During these strange times, we found it really important to do something fun and enjoyable for our fans,” Capstan explains. “This is a song we have had for quite some time, and even though it didn’t make it onto our album Restless Heart, Keep Running, we always knew we wanted to track and release it someday. This is our little gift to all of you. Turn it up and turn ’em loose. Cheers!

Capstan released their latest album ‘Restless Heart, Keep Running‘ via Fearless Records last year. Listen to “There Is No Answer” from the album here. Watch the video for “We’ll Always Have Paris,” also from the album, here.

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