After the furious comeback with ‘Overdrive‘, their striking new single ‘Savior‘ by German alternative metalcore band BREATHE ATLANTIS gets prominent support in the person of Swedish singer and frontman Eddie Berg of IMMINENCE. It’s his first-ever vocal feature for another act. With ‘Savior‘ the band’s musical journey leads into harder realms and impressively proves that they are one of the most exciting acts in the German hard-and-heavy scene today. ‘Savior‘ is a skilful mélange of profoundly sad pathos and raw bitterness about the fact of not being able to be the saviour that the world or oneself could gladly use.

“It’s always a war with yourself. “SAVIOR” deliberately has no happy ending because reality is just not a Hollywood movie. We all wish to be needed by others and to help others with their problems. But we must finally start to help ourselves first and accept our own struggles. Otherwise, we will fall by the wayside in this selfish world.”, says frontman Nico Schiesewitz.

“Eddie and I have a close friendship that goes beyond musical interests. He has family status; we talk on the phone regularly and visit each other from time to time. Making a song together was an incredible experience for all of us and broadened our creative horizons. The Swedish melancholy was just the right setting to process our emotions in the song.”Jan Euler (guitar) explains.

‘Savior’ featEddie Berg (IMMINENCE)is now available on all platforms.

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