Garage-pop trio Bloods are back in force with a brand new single ‘Bring My Walls Down’, the shimmering first preview of their upcoming sophomore album. Premiered by Consequence of Sound last Friday, ‘Bring My Walls Down’ toes the line between razor-sharp skuzz and dangerously sweet pop more than ever before.

Working with producer Shane Stoneback (Sleigh Bells/M.I.A/Fucked Up), Bloods pair bright, dreamy vocals with an infectious chorus, a summery melody and coat them all with fuzz. The wall-of-sound production that Stoneback brings to Bloods’ riot-grrrl-meets-girl-group punk shines throughout the track as the brutal-as-ever guitars are juxtaposed perfectly by MC and Sweetie’s glittery harmonies.

Lyrically, ‘Bring My Walls Down’ sees Bloods focus on the age-old topic of love, but lead vocalist MC explains the band’s uniquely biological point of view – “BMWD looks at love as a disease, a kind of infection that infests your mind and body without you having any control over it; something that breaks through uninvited and reminds you that you’re an animal.”


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