Birds Of Tokyo return with their first new music of 2019, the heart-wrenching single,“Good Lord”.

“Good Lord” will shock people who associate Birds Of Tokyo with inspirational anthems like “Plans”, “Lanterns” and “Unbreakable” because this time around the band’s signature epic melodies deliver a brutal true story of betrayal. 

Singer Ian Kenny explains that the intensely personal song is one of several provoked by an ugly marriage breakup two years ago.  

“It’s the old story”, he says. “You get married and you think you’re gonna live happily ever after. But one day unexpectedly you see something that literally shatters your whole world. Then you have to spend years trying to put your head and heart back together.”

“Good Lord” reveals the starting point for that journey. The words for last year’s hit “Unbreakable” – heard everywhere alongside the Invictus Games – were largely inspired by the same personal crisis but that more upbeat single was actually written a bit later when Kenny was starting to get back on his feet. Much of this new track was written earlier, when he was still down on his knees. It’s a compelling and sincere howl, revealing a gaping wound well before there’s been time for healing.

“I know I’m not the first person to go through it, and unfortunately I won’t be the last, but it still hurt like hell and you can hear that in this song. I was just lucky that writing with the guys in Birds gave me a way to process some of the stuff I couldn’t even talk about at the time. These two recent tunes are just the tip of the iceberg actually. Over the last year or so we’ve finished about half a dozen more that cover the whole spectrum of feelings you go through when something like this happens. So for better or worse there’ll be a bit of a theme running through most of the songs we drop over 2019. It’s been a rollercoaster so people should strap themselves in.”

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