Beloved melodic punk band Craig’s Brother has just released their first-ever official music video for ‘Follow Your Heart/Meilynn’s Song’ which was written about frontman Ted Bond’s daughter Meilynn. The touching clip captures Ted playing the song he wrote for her for the very first time and reflects that special relationship between a father and daughter.

“Meilynn’s Song” Lyrics:

May you always be the brave one 
May all your dreams be great ones 
however near of far 
May life present you open doors 
May love an joy and hop be your no matter who you are 
No matter what your art 
Mei, you follow your heart. 
Oh, May your relationships succeed 
May you have all the friends you need, 
May you find passion in the paths that move you 
Oh, when you’re knocked down and lost within, 
May you find strength to rise again 
May you find comfort in the ones who love you. 
Cause in this world of broken dreams 
the truth’s not always what it seems 
May you see things as they are 
May you always stand your ground 
Don’t let the masses where you down 
remember from the start 
you’ve always stood apart 
Mei, you follow your heart. 
and may you never grow tired 
and may you always be inspired 
and may you set the world on fire 
with words of unvarnished power 
Mei, you follow your heart.

Craig’s Brother’s latest EP ‘Devil’s In The Details,’ out now on Indie Vision Music.

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