Ahead of Friday’s release of their sophomore album You, Me And Everything In Between, Melbourne’sBelle Haven have revealed the emotionally driven single By Hook Or By Crook, complimented by an equally heavy music video. You, Me And Everything In Between is out this Friday, pre-orders availableHERE.

By Hook Or By Crook deals with every single emotion felt after the death of a loved one. Of the track, vocalist David Vernon simply saying “A couple of years ago, my Grandfather passed away. By Hook or by Crook is about what it was like to watch him die.”

On composing the track, bassist Tom Mitchell goes on to say “When writing ‘By Hook or by Crook’, I tried to strip back the music to the basic notes and chords that make you feel like you’re watching a heartbreaking scene in a movie.”

This coming Sunday 18th June, the band has announced they’ll be holding a BBQ and acoustic performance in Melbourne’s treasury gardens to celebrate the release of You, Me And Everything In Between, as well as thanking their Melbourne family for giving them their first sold out show.



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