BASEMENT have shared a new track Oversized today from their upcoming full-length Promise Everything  complete with a stunning visual from director Renata Raksha who has also worked with Purity Ring, St. Vincent and Kendrick Lamar. Promise Everything comes out January 29, 2016 on Run For Cover Records.


“This is the first softer song on the record, and it helps adds a contrast in pace to the flow of the whole album,“ vocalist Andrew Fisher tells Billboard. “When I hear [‘Oversized’] I think of early Jets To Brazil and even some of the more melodic songs from Blur like ‘Coffee and TV,’ especially with the harmonies at the end.”

Oversized is about being afraid to reveal who you really are to the people you care about and who care about you,” Fisher continues. “I think this is sometimes hard because they are the people that matter to you the most and even though you assume they will accept you for who you are, you’re still so scared and in need of their approval.”

After abruptly announcing an indefinite hiatus only weeks after the release of their 2012 breakthrough LP Colourmeinkindness, BASEMENT went on to gain an intensely devoted posthumous following. The record went on to sell over 25,000 copies worldwide in the absence of live dates or press coverage. In 2014, the band reconnected and found time amongst other obligations to write and record the EP Further Sky. Immediately inspired by the creative chemistry they felt from these sessions, Basement were ready to work on something more significant.

Promise Everything is the band’s first time back to full-length writing and recording since their hiatus. Sonically, the record breaks progressive new ground for BASEMENT despite the creative process sharing much in common with previous endeavors.

Promise Everything situates BASEMENT at the forefront of the rock world, pairing aggression with an inherent sense of melody.  Where before on the band’s previous album Colourmeinkindness, songs focused more on aggression and lyrical content, Promise Everything takes a more melodic approach and as a result the songs feel like they are truly part of the same group. Despite years spent apart, it would seem BASEMENT’S musical conversation has always lingered – and as their first true cohesive document, Promise Everything is only the beginning.

Basement Promise everything album

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