Barren Womb, this fearsome sonic force from Finland and Norway, have launched a boiling fresh onslaught of an album, ‘Lizard Lounge’.

Barren Womb might be the hardest working band in the Norwegian underground, touring relentlessly, and offering a slew of releases since their inception in 2011. They are complete masters of their craft, capturing their raw and unpolished live energy in studio recordings. This is true more than ever on ‘Lizard Lounge’.

It’s like being thrown in the pit, right in front of them, in a crammed room with spit and sweat flying. It’s hardcore. Northern hardcore. The in-your-face approach of ‘Lizard Lounge’ can draw parallels from Refused to Clutch, and it carries them on a cathartic journey, leaving the mind and soul free of the angst-ridden emotions Barren Womb put on display in their songs.

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