The recent coupling of interstate indie maestros – Brisbane’s BANFF and Sydney’s Caitlin Park – today deliver the heartbreakingly tender video to complement their collaborative hit single, ‘My Love, My Lover’.

Conceived and directed by Stef Smith (Little Poss Pictures) and captured by cinematographer Aidan Keogh (Sticky Fingers, Lulu Raes, Boo Seeka), the video draws on, “the juxtaposition of the mundane mixed with splashes of heartwarming human emotion”. Set in the western suburbs of Sydney, a lone man walks the streets, encased in his own bubble of suspended reality until he is brought back to life by the glowing presence of his lover.

Director Smith explains her direction of the clip was an exploration of love in the modern world. “I was really drawn to a sense of disconnection and wanted to explore the clip through the eyes of a protagonist who was kind of lost in his own world, until finally this beautiful glowing beacon of love draws him back to earth – his lover.”

“I wanted to give the audience a sense of pure authentic love and was really lucky to get that in both of the couples featured in the video; Bruno and Marian in their amazing Campsie hair salon, who also just happened to be ballroom dancing enthusiasts, and gorgeous Zsuzsana and Ashley who have just celebrated their 1 year anniversary and are ridiculously in love. I felt really lucky to have such glorious couples in the clip.”

The duo of BANFF and Caitlin Park are extremely excited to announce that they will be teaming up and hitting the road for a co-headline East Coast tour this August, with shows in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Performing songs from each of their respective catalogues, including BANFF’s 2015 Future Self EP and Park’s critically acclaimed second album The Sleeper, along with their debut live performance of collaborative track‘My Love, My Lover’, which is guaranteed to make you swoon.

BANFF x Caitlin Park
‘My Love, My Lover’ East Coast Tour
Tickets on Sale Now
FRI AUG 12                             Oxford Circus                  Sydney               NSW



SAT AUG 13                            The Grace Darling           Melbourne          VIC



FRI SEP 2                                Black Bear Lodge            Brisbane            QLD


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