Kinder started making rumblings back in 2014 when the chemistry between guitarists Ben Maton (Frowning Clouds) & Kieran Daly (Messengers, Hayley Couper, Willow) coalesced with drummer Tom Barlow (Dirt Farmer) and bassist Joe Daly (Messengers, Backyard). The group released their stand out and debut single ‘Fall Back Down’ in October 2014. Six months on, the band are set to release their follow up and equally as impressive single, ‘Black And White Burning’.

Recorded at Barlow’s Aunt’s farmhouse, ‘Dorigo Rise’ in Hurstbridge almost spontaneously after writing it, Black And White Burning is “loosely based on the reassurance that everything will be okay”. Kieran Daly throws down sprawling guitar jams alongside Maton; it’s a jangling stomper full of bluster & swagger, whilst still holding tight to its remarkable pop sensibilities. Black And White Burning draws on themes of persistence and what can arise from that; ‘give me the time to find all the reasons, that you’d never believed in’.

2015 will see the imminent arrival of the group’s debut LP ‘Dorigo Rise’, which is already sounding to be another cracker of new-school Australian pop, to come out of Melbourne.

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