Georgia rock group, Aree and the Pure Heart, has partnered with Terminus City of Terminus Tees for the upcoming re-release of their EP, Heartsongs. They are also currently in the studio recording their much anticipated full-length album with Terminus City Music. Their debut EP has already caught the attention of the punk and rock scenes.

Listen to “American Love” from Heartsongs here.

In 2010 Aree Ogir got his foot in the door at a major label. While juggling days in the classroom as a Middle School Spanish teacher and long nights in the studio recording, Aree’s wife became pregnant. Their daughter was born with a congenital heart defect that required open heart surgery. After being denied insurance for their daughter due to a “pre-existing condition”, Aree had to leave behind his budding relationship with a label in order to find a third job and get the medical insurance necessary to continue care for his daughter. Losing his relationship with the label didn’t stop Aree from holding on to his love for music. After 6 years of dedication to both his family and work, Aree has returned to his guitar and mic finding time in empty parking lots before sunrise to write Heartsongs. He is now ready and so excited to share his amazing music and story with the world.

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