New York-based hard rock project ALYXX have released their new single “My Last Goodbye,” out on all digital platforms NOW. ALYXX’s first release of the new year, “My Last Goodbye” is an emotive open letter that waves goodbye to a toxic vice. After embarking on their first tour in 2019.

ALYXX has spent extensive time solidifying their emboldened sound. Impassioned and dynamic, ALYXX is creating a unique blend of theatrics and rock instrumentation to create a synth-metal dream. The track marks a new era for ALYXX, expanding on what she achieved in 2019 and continuing to pave a dynamic path with her sound. About the single, ALYXX states: 

“My Last Goodbye” is a song is about a toxic relationship and finding the strength to say goodbye. The toxic relationship could be with a friend, partner, drugs or alcohol.  This song is a reminder that you’re not alone and even when it feels like you’re trapped and sinking in deeper, you can pull yourself out. Your strength comes from within. 

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