“Creep vents on frustrations and betrayals faced growing up attending and playing shows in the heavy music scene. Wasn’t long after first coming to shows I realised I was still in the same popularity contest that cast me out when I was younger.” Reflecting on what’s real in our scene and what’s just for show, Alpha Wolf‘s vocalist Lochie Keogh doesn’t hold back as he talks about the second single from their upcoming sophomore album ‘a quiet place to die’ will be released on September 25th, with pre-orders available HERE (AU/NZ) & HERE (EU/US).

After being thrust into a band on an exciting upwards trajectory, Keogh found himself disillusioned once the curtain had been pulled back, and knew he had to say something. “People don’t care about you, just the optics. Heavy bands are so desperate to get their music out they’d play with fucking Hitler himself if it got them in front of a crowd. I’ve seen this wilful ignorance in everyone from promoters to friends to label mates. In the face of abuse, sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia our breakdowns Don’t. Mean. Shit. So stop putting yourself on the pedestal.”

Rather die a pariah than live an acolyte…

Since the announcement of a quiet place to dieAlpha Wolf fans have been relentless with the first single Akudama already ticking over half a million streams. Guitarist Scott Simpson says the band has been truly humbled by this. The response to the new album has been far above what any of us expected. We set out some big goals in the lead up to releasing the first single and we’re always our biggest critics; so to see all of those goals met and some more has us all super pumped to get some more songs out. There’s no better feeling than people enjoying songs you’ve put your all into.”

On what the future holds, Simpson is less positive, but it is the honest reality of what musicians are currently facing. “The future is looking pretty bleak right now unfortunately. These songs are based around our live experiences over the past 18 months, so not knowing the next time we’re going to be able to tour again has us all feeling lost in our own ways. But on the other side, being in a band is about rolling with the punches so we’re always going to find a way to move forward and stay ahead of the curve, so we’ll be keeping busy even if you can’t see us on a stage near you.”

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