All Hours are dropping their ‘Perspectives’ EP next Friday, April 16. The Perspectives EP can be pre-ordered now at

Today, they are diving into uncharted territory for them, with their new single, the piano and acoustic guitar-led track, ‘Before I Go’. The song will be live this Friday, April 9 on all digital stores and streaming platforms at

Vocalist Dani says that “‘Before I go’ is a break-up song at heart. ‘Before I go’ captures those last moments of a relationship, where all hope is gone, and both people have come to terms with the inevitable end. The track starts with just piano, vocals and acoustic guitar, setting the contemplative tone of the song, eventually building to a full band outro.
The clip for the single sees the band performing the music on a stage with dancers performing a contemporary dance matching the emotion and energy of the song around them. The clip was edited and shot by Luke McClean for Shots For Bands, the Choreography was done by Rebecca Jane Saunders and the Dancers are Rebecca Jane Saunders & Tristan Edwards.

On the topic of the themes contained in the EP, vocalist Dani O’Grady said that “‘Perspectives’ delves into the theme of relationships and is like a glimpse into my private journal. It explores the breakdown of relationships, toxic friendships, and reflections on ‘what could have been.

All Hours’ new single ‘Before I Go” is out Friday, April 9th on all digital stores and streaming platforms at, and Perspectives is available for pre-order now at, for release on Friday, April 16!

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