Glorious. Heartfelt. Ridiculous. Hilarity is on tap in the new Peter Darley Miller-directed Alice In Chains video for “Rainier Fog”

In a world where things are becoming increasingly serious, with ‘Rainier Fog’ we have continued our long tradition of making asses out of ourselves in videos,” says drummer Sean Kinney. 
So for all of you that were raised bottle-fed, this one is for you.  Mission accomplished.”  

We had a great time working with Peter Darley Miller again,” says vocalist/guitarist

Jerry Cantrell. “We made AIC 23 in 2013 with him, which was amazing. We had a blast making the ‘Rainier Fog’ music video, which continues the northwest theme of the record. We hope you enjoy it and have a laugh.

“The band’s maternal instincts were spot on,” says Miller.
“It was a kind and loving environment. I felt special.” 

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