Fear like us are formed from punk rock pedigree featuring members of High Tension and A Death in the Family, there bio says they are Melburnians (ex-Novacastrians), it doesn’t matter where they hail from all you need to know is they have released there second LP ‘Succour’ which i am told has been Eight years in the making! WOW that is a long time.

Let me be the first to admit that when new music arrives on my desk and its from the States it is automatically moved to the top of the listening pile, but when i saw the tag line for fans of the Gaslight Anthem and Hot Water Music i knew i had to give it a listen and now i am telling you if that tag line interests you then you should definitely give Fear Like Us a good listen.

The opening track is The Gas-lighting Anthem and is an homage in sound to the band with a similar name but do not let me mislead you Fear Like Us are defiantly there own band with there own sound that is some what punk folkish but don’t let a genre label pigeon hole them on Succour there is heavy driven guitars, banging drum beats and a unique front man sound which i think is important for any band reminding me some what of an early Against ME.

Revolution Bummer is the second track that leads us into my favourite track on the Album Red Ochre this is a hit song in my mind or at least fan favourite lead singer Jamie Hay has some real shinning vocal moments on this and is accompanied by the beautiful harmony of a female vocalist, this track is a perfect balance of raw passion and harmony. Who Killed Reza Berati and Raze it To The Ground are the slow points on the album and its when you can hear the more political commentary but over all this album on every track explores political injustice, the peaks and pitfalls of the modern Australian pysche, love, loss and longing.

Succour is a LP that is Ten tracks long, that is practically an album so well worth the asking price i think this band is very unique in terms of the Australian music scene and i hope they do big things in the future it isn’t hard to imagine hearing them on the airwaves.

The band will be touring nationally to support Succour, capitalising on audiences forged across years on the road with the likes of The Smith Street Band, Against Me!, Blueline Medic, The Hotelier, The Draft, La Dispute and a swag of other influential punk acts.

fear like us succour


FEAR LIKE US – Succour Album Tour

Friday May 13th – Crowbar, Brisbane
Thursday May 19th – Phoenix Bar, Canberra
Friday May 20th – The Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle
Saturday May 21st – Blackwire Records, Sydney
Friday May 27th – Metro, Adelaide
Saturday May 28th – The Reverence Hotel, Melbourne

FEAR LIKE US – Succour – Out NOW ! Via Poison City Records

fear like us tour

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