Wow just wow A Day To Remember have done it again. Their new album lives up to all expectations providing fans with a great mix of heavy tunes and mellow sing along moments.

Long time fans won’t be disappointed all the elements that have made the band pop punk meets metalcore heavyweights are still present from the menacing breakdowns, catchy hook driven lyrics and the right amount of aggression throughout.

This is a band that proves the album format is not dead you find yourself going straight back to the start when it finishes which is the true test of a great album. The only real low light I could say from the album is “Naivety” which just didn’t seem to flow with the rest of the album and the lyrics are a little cringe worthy.

There’s a lot of anger throughout the album like on title track “Bad vibartions” and “Exposed”. Also there’s more emotional moments like on “We got this” displaying that the band are well aware of the power their music has in providing hope for listeners. It’s hard to pick a standout track because there’s just so many but “Paranoia” with is dark menacing sound coupled with a signature catchy chorus displays the bands strengths and will surely sound even better when played live.

Excuse the pun but A Day To Remember have provided us with another great album to remember. Time will tell how it stacks up against Homesick or Common Courtesy but it’s definitely a welcome addition to their catalogue. There’s a reason why this band has risen the ranks to be one of the biggest in their genre. It’s not because they are cool looking Florida dudes with tattoos ok well that helps but it’s because they are great songwriters who consistently provide anthems that will stay with us for many years.
Bad Vibrations is testament to that showing they are right back at it again and rest assured they got this.

SCORE 8/10

For fans of – Pop punk, Metalcore & any previous ADTR album


a day to remember

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