Australian progressive music has become internationally renown as some of the world’s best! The most isolated capital city in the world, Perth, in Western Australia has produced an unusually high percentage of those acts. Is it something about the isolation? The water? Whatever it is, so long as it continues to exist, the prog scene will thrive!

Perth four piece Agnesis will release their new EP, Paradeigma on April 10 followed by a launch show and an upcoming national tour.

Agnesis is a progressive rock act with dark overtones and an intoxicating mix of ethereal soaring melodies and thrumming, deep chordal harmonies which captivate listeners both in a live setting and on record. Remaining grounded while giving the listener a sense of exhilaration, Agnesis cover a range of topics from the political to the personal, offering their perspective through experience which covers the extreme highs to the very lows of the human condition.

Paradeigma will be released on Wednesday, April 10. A music video for Ransack will be released in the near future.

Official EP Launch Show
Saturday, April 13: The Boston, Perth

Pre Order Paradeigma Now via

Paradeigma will also be available as a limited edition, numbered CD via Bandcamp

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